About The Book Series

Do Unto Earth I

Wisdom From Seth for Our Survival

Do Unto Earth I is a conversation, for the purpose of healing Planet Earth and our environmental crisis, between Penelope Jean Hayes and the spirit energy “Seth,” once famously channeled from 1963 to 1984 by Jane Roberts.

What’s our biggest threat to survival?

When will we inhabit other planets?

What should replace all plastics?

Why are we experiencing so many cataclysmic natural events?

The 1947 alien crash at Roswell: fact or fiction?

(And, where are the bodies?)

All this and more is answered in this extraordinary conversation.

Through thought-provoking questions posed by Penelope Jean Hayes and answers from the spirit energy “Seth,” channeled by Carole Serene Borgens, Do Unto Earth speaks plainly to the damage mankind has done to the planet—both physically and energetically—and the ways in which we can fix it.

Seth confirms that without systemic change, our Mother Earth has only eight to twelve years before a failsafe point is reached, however, the real takeaway is that it’s not too late—if we take action now. We also learn that our intentions, thoughts, attitudes, and actions create energetic impacts: “viral energy tumors” upon the planet so large that they are visible from space by those empaths who have the ability to intuit energy.

We have become anesthetized to our true nature and we are living as though our environment and all creatures and creation are outside of ourselves, and yet, what we do unto Earth, we do unto ourselves.

Sobering and exciting, as we turn each page, we follow the golden path on a journey to our next-level of mindset and soulset. Do Unto Earth advises for a return to the wisdom of the aboriginal and First Nations peoples and tips us off to future technologies, future fuels, teleportation, and future travel using a “no-fuel” source, plus it underscores the pressing need to save species and adopt plant-based food sources.

We are now at the threshold of a life-changing decision and we are asked to be the change. Do Unto Earth is a call-to-action, a warning, a challenge, a prayer, and a message of healing to the world. Like ripples in a pond, Do Unto Earth will begin a wave of awareness to reach those who have yet to seriously consider the fate of our planet. Soon, this wave will become tidal.



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