How understanding Global-Scale Viral Energy can have a positive impact on your happiness, wellness, and peace on Earth…

Energy affects you and you affect energy. We each feel this within our own selfhood: we pick up good vibes or bad vibes when someone walks into a room and we can internalize the energy around us in our environments and through the people we spend time with. You might think this is the law of attraction at work, yet the transfer of energy vibration is better explained by the phenomenon of viral energy: a movement of energy vibration through osmosis.

All energy is viral energy. All energy fields are permeable energy fields. All energy moves, vibrates, and is shared and transferrable.

And yet, energetic impacts are not just felt on the personal and interpersonal level; the Earth is also affected by on-mass light or heavy energy.

Imagine if there were very large pockets of either light energy or heavy energy in areas of the world that are, or have been, impacted by various events and intentions of love or fear. Well, it’s not imaginary, it’s very real and these masses continue to affect life in those areas.

Through our conscious awareness we can heal the world and enlighten ourselves and all around us.

Do Unto Earth is not just the name of my business, it’s a clear message in three words. My intention is that in sharing awareness of viral energy, together we can move towards personal, interpersonal, and global wellness.


DO UNTO EARTH. The book.

As you begin your own journey to this awareness, I highly recommend reading the book Do Unto Earth: It’s Not Too Late. This book is a collaboration where I asked questions of global import and a channeler of Spirit, Carole Serene Borgens, channeled the responses. This writing is full of wisdom from the Divine Source and it also provides a confirmation of the concept of “viral energy masses” and the healing power of “Global Viral Contemplation.”

We are often asked how this collaboration came to be, so I’ll tell you.

I’ve have been a seeker and spiritualist since my teen years, and so it is a useful tool at times for me to reach out to a reputable intuitive for deeper guidance. Beginning on the fourth of February 2019, I had several long-distance Spirit channeling sessions with Carole—she was in British Columbia and I was in Florida. I had copious questions for Spirit as I sought further direction for my second title, Do Unto Earth (which incidentally is also the name of my business), while building upon the message of my first title, The Magic of Viral Energy. I was expanding and broadening the message of “viral energy” from personal and interpersonal goals to global concerns facing humanity and Planet Earth. Simultaneously, I was establishing the Viral Energy Institute, a learning and research place for the study of Viralenology.

Through our talks, this Spirit Messenger and I were getting to know each other and Spirit felt my passion for the plight of abused animals and species extinction, as well as my intention to bring awareness to our environmental crisis and to share the impacts of “viral energy masses”—large energetic fields created by both light and heavy intentions and action by communities, populations, industries, governments, and cultural beliefs—on Planet Earth. These disruptive energy masses create massive vibrational pockets of particular energies including love, hate, peace, discord, gratitude, violence, forgiveness, indifference, and compassion.

The Spirit Messenger seemed very interested in this direction and before long, Carole contacted me to say that Spirit wished to offer wisdom to be used by and shared through the Viral Energy Institute regarding this mission of planetary healing.

The writing began on the second of October 2019 when I sent questions to Carole who then channeled Spirit’s responses by automatic writing (today, she does this via typing). It was during the writing that it became clear to all that this conversation would take book form and adopt the title Do Unto Earth.

As the answers were returned from Spirit, Carole and I both had many moments of excitement and more than a few gasps followed by, “Ooooh crikey, this is going to change everything!”

The best advice that I can give you is: go buy the book. You will be mesmerized, enlightened, transformed, and highly entertained. Its message is about you and for you.

—Penelope Jean Hayes, Viralenologist and Author