Operation Envision: The God being’s vision for us

We wish to discuss the friendly people who make up the small towns and villages of your world and what they have that your large cities and people do not, and how the learning of their attributes will improve the lifestyles of city people. And this is the truth that will not want to be heard by many but it is the case.

When your world was new, there were a few people and few animals and great resources. Gradually this balance has shifted until it is in the reverse now in your time. Why do you think this has happened? Is it lack of concern, unawareness, inattention or greed? We are here to say the reasons are many and varied and some or all may apply to most of your peoples. Whatever the reasons identified, they can be changed.

Speaking of the trend now towards globalization without care for the old village-to-raise-a-child idea, we believe this is contributing to the downfall of your people now. For you to consider this small town atmosphere of old and investigate how life was, how people cared for people, this is the key to your present as well as your future.

Please know that the time of jet-setting and isolation has its place, but in the overall scheme of things the flourishing of the human race was built on friendship, trust and hard work. Now it is time to return to these virtues. Life moves slowly in some time zones and quickly in others, and the difference is a person’s expectation.

We are here to say that there is the need for all people to stand up for your environment and for themselves as guarantors of the repair to the planet.

All people are charged with the responsibility of bringing order out of chaos: the practice of wise stewardship of the land in their daily actions so that their behaviors become that which others emulate. Take the cloth bag to the grocery store, recycle, compost, and plant and harvest family gardens. This is a family project and brings the lesson right to home, as well as wonderful and fresh produce—vegetables from the home garden, grown and attended by the children and parents, what a lasting lesson to teach. It is the highest and best good of the land and the family unit together. This is the way of the future, as it was the way of the past, we now ask you to bring it forward: back to the future again.

Moving ahead in time we see that all peoples can learn to manage their lives this way: envision what it is that will serve them best, then take small steps toward that goal. It is not disruptive to themselves or those around them, but it targets the spot where happiness and fulfillment will be found, for all involved. It is the case and can be readily accomplished.

You will see that this spreads like the ripples on the water when the pebble is thrown in—it spreads quietly and envelopes all around it. It encircles those in the center and encircles that rock which finds itself suddenly in a strange place: the middle of the pond. When it was quietly lying beside the pond and someone picked it up and threw it, relocated it without warning, those peaceful ripples spread out and marked its’ spot—marked that it had arrived in its new place, all around it the welcoming ripples of peace. This is the way of your world, in future.

We ask for all people to visualize the world they want and act accordingly.

Expect the best and it will be.

Finding those who ask for peace but do not practice it, the ripples will be the reminder to practice serenity in their lives, daily. Allow the people their time to come to terms with how this is accomplished. Your world did not deteriorate to this stage overnight, and it will take some time to repair.

Put out the peaceful energies and spread the ripples of serenity throughout your worlds, touching all who are within your range. The ripples return to you in this way.


—This passage is an excerpt from the book Do Unto Earth II—

The Butterfly Message: An Allegory From The Divine Universe

Consider the beautiful butterfly and its’ origins. From the worm to the beauty, how is it that the transformation is effected? How simple does it appear? How truly convoluted and complicated it is.

In the infancy of the butterfly it is a worm, simple and unassuming; much like your world in the overall scheme of things.

What happens then? It goes to sleep for awhile and emerges as a delicate beauty. Your Earth did that eons ago and became a delicate beauty.

Then your people went to sleep and forgot about the care and feeding and the delicate part of the equation—now where are you in the cycle?

Your Earth is transforming back into a worm with your people ready to go into their cocoons to escape the dead air and water. Until such time as these are cleaned up, your people, and your Earth, cannot emerge again into a state of delicate beauty.

What will it take for you all to understand and act upon this?

Time becomes short—take the steps necessary to awaken to the need.


—This passage is an excerpt from the book Do Unto Earth: It’s Not Too Late