Author’s Message

As you read this, Do Unto Earth is being written as a result of energy flowing through me that I recognize to be channeled wisdom. Sharing this communication is part of my life’s purpose which is to help humanity transition to our next spiritual awakening and to prepare for our journey ahead. Homo sapiens are not the final version of our lineage; our species is evolving.

We have become anesthetized to our true nature and we are living as though our environment and all creatures and creation are outside of ourselves. The truth is that all of life is our Self; what we do unto Earth, we do unto ourselves.

We are now at the threshold of a Life-changing decision and we are asked to be the change. Collectively, we are hearing a call to evolve and we can do so through the healing of our relationship with Mother Earth.

We are ready for this and we are each asked to begin. Do Unto Earth is a call-to-action, a warning, a challenge, a prayer, and a message of healing to the world. Most of all, however, Do Unto Earth is a remembrance for our self to become our Higher Self.

— Penelope Jean Hayes

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Penelope Jean Hayes is a motivational and new-consciousness writer, contemporary philosopher, and speaker. She practices osmotic-energy-balancing and writes her spiritual and cosmological theories through a process of channeling higher-stream-consciousness. Her written works on social, popular culture, and environmental issues have appeared in HuffPost and she regularly writes aspirational content for the international publication Face the Current magazine. Penelope has a background in social/popular culture analysis and has appeared on television hundreds of times as an expert guest on programs including Dr. Phil and ABC News. Penelope is an advocate for Higher-Self-development and the pursuit of “viral energy” as a field of study. She uses her voice to call for the protection of the planet through the preservation of endangered species and the adoption of plant-based food sources. Penelope is a vegan, wanderlust world-traveler, and Survivor superfan. She and her husband, Burton, currently live in Naples, Florida, although they are often on the move.

She is the author of the bookThe Magic of Viral Energy, which centers on the contagious nature of energy, and she is currently writing her second title, Do Unto Earth, which reveals broader issues facing both humanity and planet Earth that directly affect you and our species’ future. Penelope is the Founder of the Viral Energy Institute.