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Penelope Jean Hayes is a New Consciousness author, contemporary philosopher, and speaker. She has a background in social culture analysis and has appeared on television hundreds of times as an expert guest on programs including Dr. PhilABC News, and internationally in Europe, Asia, and the Middle East. Penelope founded the Viral Energy Institute and is an advocate for Higher-Self-development and the pursuit of “viral energy” as a field of study, which she calls Viralenology. She is the author of the book The Magic of Viral Energy: An Ancient Key to Happiness, Empowerment, and Purpose. Penelope lives in Naples, Florida, with her husband, Burton.

Carole Serene Borgens is the author of The Worley Village Mysteries, a children’s book series. She is a former nurse and long time student of metaphysics. Carole has been channeling Spirit since the early 1990s. She enjoys showing and collecting classic English cars and lives near Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada.

The work of this trio continues—as Pax says, “a good team we three.”

Left to right: Penelope Jean Hayes; Carole Serene Borgens

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Do Unto Earth is an extraordinary conversation and it is my great joy and honor to communicate with the Spirit Messenger Pax channeled by Carole Serene Borgens.

From a young age, Carole, a former nurse, diligently studied all things metaphysical. She was first visited by this Spirit Messenger in the early 1990’s, when she was new to channeling by automatic writing. When her pen wrote the opening introduction and request for her to be a channel, recognizing the profound responsibility attached, she jumped up from her office chair to pace the floor—not easy with three sleeping Irish Wolfhounds covering the carpet. Carole’s initial response was to ask if she could think about it and take some time to respond, which she was given. Asking, “Why me?” Spirit responded to her, “You are new to this, you have no bad habits, and you will change none of my words.” In time, Carole came to be comfortable with this blessing and so began her journey.

I, too, have been a seeker and spiritualist since my teen years, and so to reach out to a reputable intuitive medium is, for me, a useful tool at times. In 2019, I had several long-distance Spirit channeling sessions with Carole, she in British Columbia and me in Florida—these began on the fourth of February. I had copious questions for Spirit as I sought further direction for my second title, building on my first, The Magic of Viral Energy, and expanding that “viral energy” message from personal and interpersonal goals to global concerns facing humanity and Planet Earth. Simultaneously, I was establishing the Viral Energy Institute, a learning and research platform for the study of Viralenology.

Through our talks, this Spirit Messenger and I were getting to know each other and Spirit felt my passion for animals in crisis, species extinction, and my intention to bring awareness to our environmental crisis and to share the impacts on Planet Earth of “viral energy masses”—large energetic fields created by both light and heavy intentions and action by communities, populations, industries, governments, and cultural beliefs—all creating massive vibrational pockets of particular energies including love, hate, peace, discord, gratitude, violence, forgiveness, indifference, and compassion.

The Spirit Messenger seemed very interested in this direction and before long Carole contacted me to say that Spirit wished to offer wisdom to be used by and shared through the Viral Energy Institute regarding this mission of planetary healing.

On the second of October 2019, the writing began where I sent questions to Carole who channeled Spirit’s responses by automatic writing (today, she does this via typing). It was during the writing of these conversations that it became clear to all that this would be a series of books to be distributed to the world population.

As the answers were returned from Spirit, Carole (who is not consciously aware during channeling) and I both had many moments of excitement and more than a few gasps followed by, “Ooooh crikey, this is going to change everything!” The first of such revelations came in Chapter One when I asked the Spirit Messenger who they are…